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Hard Rock – lifestyle
Andy Warhol once called us “the Smithsonian of rock and roll.” And he wasn’t lying. Madonna’s BoyToy Wedding Dress… John Lennon’s glasses… Jim Morrison’s leather pants… The doors of the Abbey Road Studios… Elvis’ studded jumpsuit… Frank Sinatra’s tuxedo… Michael Jackson’s red “Beat It” jacket…
Our memorabilia is both our own selfish fanaticism to hoard the coolest things we’ve ever seen and an honorable mission to share it with the world.
From day one, we were serious about serving fresh, handmade, classic American cooking with a Southern flair that couldn’t help but reflect co-founder Isaac Tigrett’s Tennessee roots.
Even as our menu expands to encompass the best of local cuisines around the world, serving up the good stuff is still and forever our gig.
My style
Available at participating Rock Shops, The My Style collection incorporates wardrobe staples for everyone to showcase their own Hard Rock style, whether dressing up for a dinner party or heading to a concert.
The History Of Hard Rock
Our brand? And that’s what it comes down to: music. We didn’t create it, but we celebrate it each and every day with a commitment to deliver authentic experiences that rock. It’s not just a nice idea. It’s a reality that we bring to life with six crucial components.
These are the things that help make Hard Rock the world’s premier experience driven aspirational Music lifestyle brand.
  • positive review  Taattua Hard Rock Cafe. Loistavaa, mahtavaa ruokaa. Maistuvaa jälkkäriä. Rento ilmapiiri.

    Aaltonen Seppo Avatar Aaltonen Seppo

    2 star review  Very helpful staff, standard HRC menu globally but food delivery was so slow (more than an hour) amidst the 2018 FIFA World Cup crowd.

    Benny James Avatar Benny James

    positive review  a hard rock cafe...good food...good drinks...nice stuff.we come back

    Michael Risse Avatar Michael Risse

    positive review  Блюда с тремя видами мяса - на одного, однозначно много)))

    Юганес Альпет Avatar Юганес Альпет
  • positive review  Потрясающий интерьер . Приветливые сотрудники

    Алексей Крючков Avatar Алексей Крючков

    5 star review  Mto bom!!!

    Layla Giovanna Peluzzo Rizzo Avatar Layla Giovanna Peluzzo Rizzo

    positive review  обычно! но неплохо! персонал приятный...кухня - ничего особенного

    Наталья Барабаш Avatar Наталья Барабаш

    5 star review  After a horrible experience in Hard Rock Café Moscow, this was a strong comeback from Hard Rock Café! Despite being open for only ten days, the service, food and drinks were excellent, fast and without any mistakes. The staff was very friendly and spoke English very well. Also the music was very nice! Bought myself a nice sweater as a souvenir. Congratulations to the whole team!

    Bort Roger G. Denolf Avatar Bort Roger G. Denolf
  • positive review  Уютная атмосфера, большие порции, все вкусно и сытно, вежливый персонал. Обязательно к посещению!

    Irina Gromyak Avatar Irina Gromyak

    5 star review  Отличное место, обязательно придём ещё

    Михаил Коваль Avatar Михаил Коваль

    positive review  Great place!!! Keep going!! Special thanks to Rami who was very attentive and helped me with gifts in the shop and Dmitriy who served my table and made coffee even more tasty!!!

    Ксения Котова Avatar Ксения Котова

    positive review  Amazing food, atmosphere and service!

    Gilles Victor Avatar Gilles Victor
  • positive review  Friendly staff, great food and drinks!

    Kristine Talt Lemmis Avatar Kristine Talt Lemmis

    positive review  Настроение на неделю, да, что там на неделю, на целый Новый Год вперёд!!! С Наступающим 2019!!!

    Anna Anysh Avatar Anna Anysh

    positive review  Идеальное Обслуживание . Красивая стильная одежда официантов. Музей личных вещей знаменитых людей.

    Ольга Хворостовская Avatar Ольга Хворостовская

    positive review  С открытия (на котором тоже были) посетили Hard Rock SPB раз 20, а может и 30, а может и больше 😂 Вкусно, порции большие, персонал СУПЕР дружелюбный, меню обширное (как еда так и коктейли / алкоголь). По состоянию на фев 2019 пиво от 220, коктейли 370

    Dmitry Meleshko Avatar Dmitry Meleshko
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Saint-Petersburg, Sadovaya Str., 62
Sun-Thu: 12.00 – 00.00 Fri-Sat: 12.00 – 02.00

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